Graded Reading Passages For IELTS (Intermediate Level)

Graded reading passages for IELTS” has been designed and published with the ultimate goal of developing the EFL learners’ reading skills for such a test. Since there is a strong correlation between language components –vocabulary and grammar– and reading skill, a great deal of effort has been made to cover these two components based on the latest approaches and techniques. Focusing on collocations instead of words in isolation, practicing the strategy of guessing the meaning of unknown words, and dealing with the grammatical points in meaningful contexts in a cyclical mode are the most innovative Preface4 Khate Sefid techniques used in this reading book. This book also satisfies an urgent need for a ladder-like reading book which moves the learners ahead from the lower intermediate to upper intermediate level due to it graded passages in terms of readability. A wide range of topics, mostly scientific, are supposed to pave the way for developing the learners’ reading skills through content-based instruction as one of the most prestigious communicative approaches. The authors had the opportunity of teaching reading courses at different universities and institutes. Therefore, they got totally aware of the merits and demerits of similar materials available on the market. In the current book, the authors did their best to incorporate the best features of available reading books and include the requirements of the reading section of IELTS test. It should be noted that the quality of such integration was assessed by teaching the first draft to several groups of EFL learners before its publication. No claim of perfection is made as far as time and knowledge are concerned. The authors hope that this book will be of great help to those who want to take a giant leap in reading skill


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