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Idiom Definition Usage
tail between one’s legs feeling ashamed and beaten Because of the scandal, he quit the company with his tail between his legs.
take a back seat accept a lower position I had to take a back seat for the benefit of the company.
take a crack at attempt She decided to take a crack at the entrance exam.
take a dim view of disapprove of Our company will always take a dim view of dishonest people.
take a hike leave I am tired of all your complaining. You should take a hike.
take a leak urinate He stopped at the side of the road to take a leak.
take a nosedive decrease in value The stock price is expected to take a nosedive soon after it is sold to the public.
take a powder leave quickly She decided to take a powder after the meeting.
take a shine to like He began to take a shine to the cute girl in the class.
take a stand on be decisive on The President decided to take a stand on the tax issue.
take a trip go We plan to take a trip to Japan in July.
take advantage of benefit from Take advantage of the beautiful weather and go to the beach.
take after resemble He tries to take after his brother and wears the same type of clothes.
take back revoke He had to take back what he said about his boss.
take care of give attention to You should take care of your health.
take care of deal with She had to take care of the paperwork.
take down write Please take down many notes during the lecture.
take down dismantle We had to take down our tent because of the rain.
take in a show watch a movie Maybe I’m gonna take in a show tonight.
take on hire The company is expected to take on more employees next year.
take over take control of The larger bank is expected to take over the smaller bank.
take roll check attendance I’m going to take roll now.
take stock count the items of merchandise or supplies in stock The store usually has to take stock every three months.
take the company public sell shares of the company to the general public The owner needed more money and decided to take the company public.
taken for cheated out of He was taken for all his money at the casino.
taking care of business doing what I have to do I have been taking care of business.
team player someone who works well with others He is really a team player.
the inside track the advantage over others He knows the manager so he has the inside track for getting the new job.
throw cold water on forbid The manager decided to throw cold water on the plans to leave early for the weekend.
throw more money at try to solve the problem by spending more money on The product may do better in the market if we throw more money at it.
tight spot difficult situation The new product is not selling as well as expected and has put the company in a tight spot.
took a bath experienced great losses She took a bath on the stock market last year.
took a beating lost money His brother really took a beating on the stock market recently.
tool around drive around I don’t want to tool around all night. It is time to go home.
turn off repulsive thing The awful language that he uses is a turn off.
turn over rate of sale The new product turn over has been incredible.
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