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Idiom Definition Usage
saddled with debt burdened with debt The company has been saddled with debt.
said a mouthful said something of great importance He really said a mouthful at the office meeting.
sail into scold As soon as I came in the door she began to sail into me for being late.
salt away save She was able to salt away a few thousand dollars from her new job.
save face protect his reputation The manager was able to save face when he showed that the loss of money was outside of his control.
save one’s breath remain silent You should save your breath because I do not believe you anyway.
save one’s neck avoid trouble He quit the company during the scandal in order to save his neck.
save one’s skin avoid trouble He quit the company during the scandal in order to save his skin.
save the day brought about success She saved the day for her company.
screw around waste time Do not screw around at work.
screw up make a mistake If you screw up one more time, I will fire you.
screw up person who makes mistakes You are such a screw up.
selling like hotcakes selling very quickly The new product is so cheap, it’s selling like hotcakes.
sell out sell completely Our best products seem to sell out very quickly.
shape up or ship out improve or leave You have the lowest production in this department so you better shape up or ship out.
shell out pay Time to shell out some money.
shoot some hoops play basketball After school, let’s shoot some hoops.
short on funds low on money I am kind of short on funds now.
shot down disagreed with Everyone shot down my idea.
slim to none almost impossible I think our chances of getting in are slim to none.
steamed up angry Don’t get so steamed up over the issue.
strike while the iron is hot take advantage of this opportunity The stocks price is a good deal so we should strike while the iron is hot.
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