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Idiom Definition Usage
rack one’s brains think hard She had to rack her brains for one hour to get the answer.
rain check free ticket He received a rain check to the baseball game after it was cancelled because of the rain.
rain check permission The store gave her a rain check to purchase the product for the same price at a later date since it was sold out today.
raining cats and dogs raining very hard It has been raining cats and dogs all morning.
raise a fuss complain The woman at the restaurant chose to raise a fuss when her meal arrived late.
raise a hand do something She will never raise a hand to help her friends.
raise Cain create a disturbance They began to raise Cain at the dance and were asked to leave.
raise eyebrows cause surprise These crazy clothes should raise eyebrows at the office tomorrow.
rake in the money make a lot of money She should be able to rake in the money with that new product.
ran out of gas lost momentum The politician ran out of gas during the campaign.
ream someone out yell at him The boss decided to ream him out for his bad report.
red ink debt The company has been in red ink from the beginning.
rip off overpriced item This car was really a rip off.
rip off steal Someone tried to rip off her car last night.
rough time hard time We have had a rough time this winter.
run short not have enough If we don’t order supplies now, we will probably run short.
run the show make the decisions It seems as if the boss really likes to run the show.
running off at the mouth talking too much He is always running off at the mouth.
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