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Idiom Definition Usage
pad the bill add false expenses He always tries to pad the bill when he goes on a business trip.
pain in the neck annoying My girlfriend’s best friend is a pain in the neck.
pain in the neck bothersome Dealing with my neighbor is always a pain in the neck.
paint oneself into a corner put yourself into a bad situation Try not to paint yourself into a corner at work today.
paint the town red have a good time We decided to go out and paint the town red after work.
palm off lie about and dispose of He tried to palm off his old television set as new and reliable.
pan out become reality I hope that your plans to go back to school pan out.
par for the course what is expected He was late for work again which has become par for the course.
part and parcel an important part The house he bought was part and parcel of a much larger piece of land.
pass away die The old leader is expected to pass away soon.
pass muster be adequate Tell me if you think the report will pass muster.
pass off claim The salesperson tried to pass off that the diamond was real.
pass on give away She tries to pass on her old clothes to her younger sister.
pass on die The old leader is expected to pass on soon.
pass out faint She is going to pass out if she drinks any more sake.
pass the buck shift responsibility to others He usually tries to pass the buck when there is a problem.
pat on the back praise Try to do good work without expecting a pat on the back.
patch up fix We have been trying to patch up this relationship.
pay attention focus on and listen You should pay attention to what the teacher is saying.
pay off reduce the balance owed to zero on The homeowner was able to pay off the loan early.
pay off be successful The business plan began to pay off and the profits of the company increased.
pay off bribe The company tried to pay off the politician.
pay-off monetary reward The company is expecting a big pay-off from this new product.
pay through the nose pay a lot of money She had to pay through the nose for her textbooks.
pick someone up come and get you What time do you want me to pick you up?
piece of cake easy My friends said her tests are a piece of cake.
piece of the action share in the activity The investors knew the company would make money and they all wanted a piece of the action.
plays a mean performs well on He plays a mean violin.
pop for something buy It is my turn to pop for the doughnuts.
psyched up mentally ready The players are really psyched up for the game on Friday.
pumped up excited and ready The players are really pumped up for the game.
push off leave II am going to push off now.
put off delay Yeah, I usually put off doing homework until the last minute.
put on deception It was an elaborate put on which I almost believed.
put the moves on seduce You should give up trying to put the moves on her.
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