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Idiom Definition Usage
mad as a hornet very angry He was mad as a hornet when I saw yesterday.
made a hit was popular Her cake made a hit at the party.
make a beeline go directly and quickly She will probably make a beeline to the travel section.
make a bundle make a lot of money He could make a bundle on the stock market this year.
make a day of it stay the entire day We decided to make a day of it at the park.
make a dent make progress It seemed like we did not even make a dent towards completing the project.
make a difference change anything It does not seem to make a difference if we talk or not.
make a go of achieve success in He is trying to make a go of the business even though he is losing money.
make a killing make a lot of money You can make a killing in Las Vegas.
make a living make enough money You cannot make a living at your present job.
make a mistake make an error Try not to make a mistake on the exam.
make a mountain out of a molehill make a big problem out of a small one Try not to make a mountain out of a molehill.
make a name for oneself become famous She is trying to make a name for herself in the field of literature.
make a pass at someone make romantic advances to him She tried to make a pass at him and lost her job.
make a point of have the intent of You should make a point of doing your homework every night.
make a run for it leave quickly I think that she will make a run for it as soon as the class finished.
make away with leave with The bank robber tried to make away with the money.
make believe a pretend game The children were playing make believe.
make do with substitute You have to make do with milk instead of cream.
make ends meet make enough money You cannot make ends meet at your present job.
make waves cause trouble Try not to make waves around the office.
main drag most important street The best hotels in Las Vegas are located on the main drag.
maxed out exhausted I am maxed out at my work and need to rest.
means business is serious The boss means business when he says to finish the project.
mellow out relax You need to mellow out and enjoy life.
munch out eat a lot I think that we should munch out at the buffet.
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