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Idiom Definition Usage
labor of love project done for personal pleasure and not for money The book that he wrote was a labor of love.
lady killer man who some women find very charming and attractive The man in the movie was a lady killer.
lady’s man man who is popular with women He is a lady’s man and always seems to have a lot of women interested in him.
laid back calm and relaxed You need to be more laid back.
laid up confined to bed He has been laid up for a few days because of a cold.
lame duck public official who has a short time left to serve in office and therefore has less power than before He is a lame duck so it is difficult for him to get things accomplished.
land on one’s feet come out of a bad situation successfully He always manages to land on his feet.
lap up drink with his tongue The dog began to lap up the milk that was given to him.
lap up take in eagerly He could lap up the praise that his boss gave him.
lash out verbally abuse He began to lash out at the man who was sitting next to him.
last minute there is no more time I usually put off writing my papers until the last minute.
lose weight become thinner I really need to lose weight this year.
luck out are fortunate If you luck out in Las Vegas, you can make a lot of money.
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