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Idiom Definition Usage
kangaroo court self-appointed group They were convicted by a kangaroo court and did not agree with the decision.
keel over faint and fall over He thought that he was going to keel over because of the heat.
keel over tip over The boat looked like it was going to keel over.
keep a secret not tell others You should keep a secret about your new job.
keep a stiff upper lip face the situation with pride The team could keep a stiff upper lip even though they were defeated.
keep after keep reminding You should keep after her to do her homework.
keep an eye on Watch Keep an eye on my bicycle while I order some coffee.
keep at continue He has decided to keep at his studies at the university.
keep body and soul together survive It was very cold during the winter but somehow she was able to keep body and soul together.
keep books keep records of money gained and spent She used to keep books for a small company.
keep down control The students were told to keep down the noise.
keep from refrain from I could not keep from eating all that cake.
keep good time accurately report the time My watch does not been keep good time lately.
keep house look after household She likes to keep house more than working for a company.
keep in touch stay in contact I have always tried to keep in touch with my friends.
keep on continue She will keep on making the same mistakes.
keep one’s chin up continue and not quit Try and keep your chin up.
keep one’s cool remain calm He was able to keep his cool when his house burned down.
keep one’s eye on the ball be watchful and ready You should keep your eye on the ball or you will make a mistake.
keep one’s fingers crossed wish for good results Please keep your fingers crossed that I will pass the exam.
keep one’s head stay calm when there is trouble or danger He is a very good leader and is always able to keep his head.
keep one’s head above water be able to pay his debts He cannot seem to keep his head above water since his salary has decreased.
keep one’s mouth shut be quiet She was very angry and told him to keep his mouth shut.
keep one’s nose clean stay out of trouble He has been managing to keep his nose clean since he moved to the new town.
keep one’s nose to the grindstone work very hard He is really able to keep his nose to the grindstone.
keep one’s own counsel keep ideas and plans to himself He always seems to keep his own counsel.
keep one’s shirt on calm down Try and keep your shirt on.
keep one’s wits about one stay calm Although there was a fire in the building he was able to keep his wits about him.
keep one’s word fulfill her promise She never can keep her word.
keep pace with go as fast as It was difficult to keep pace with the other students.
keep quiet remain silent Please keep quiet and listen to the instructor.
keep the books keep records of money gained and spent The head of the accounting department will keep the books this year.
keep track of record The company will keep track of the money spent on paper this month.
keep your eye on the ball stay focused Try to keep your eye on the ball and finish the project.
kick out of enjoyment from I get a kick out of watching him paint.
knocked up pregnant My dog gets knocked up once a year.
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