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Idiom Definition Usage
jack-of-all-trades someone who can do many things That guy is a jack-of-all-trades.
jack up increase Stores typically jack up prices during the holidays.
jam on the brakes stop the car suddenly Because of the cow on the road she had to jam on the brakes.
jam-packed crowded This club is really popular and always jam-packed.
jazz up brighten up We need to jazz up this boring room.
jerking someone around causing me trouble Recently it seems like everyone is jerking me around.
jockeying for position maneuvering to get an advantage The candidates for the presidency were jockeying for position.
John Doe unknown person Another John Doe was driving while intoxicated.
John Hancock signature Please put your John Hancock on the application form.
John Henry signature Please put your John Henry on the application form.
Johnny-come-lately newcomer He is a Johnny-come-lately at this company.
Johnny-on-the-spot in the right place at the right time He always seems to be Johnny-on-the-spot.
jump all over someone scold me For no reason, he began to jump all over me.
jump at quickly accept She knew that he would jump at the chance to go to Japan.
jump down one’s throat yell at him She began to jump down his throat over being late.
jump on someone scold The boss would jump on him for even a small mistake.
jump on the bandwagon join in Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon now that the Internet site is a success.
jump out of one’s skin be badly frightened She looked as if she would jump out of her skin while she was watching the horror movie.
jump the gun act too soon He decided to jump the gun and ordered to many tickets.
jump through a hoop obey any order He is always ready to jump through a hoop for his boss.
jump to conclusions make quick conclusions You should not jump to conclusions until you know all the facts.
jumping-off place starting point We gathered at the jumping-off place for our trip to the mountains.
just about nearly I waited just about one hour for her to come.
just now this very moment The movie began just now.
just off the boat naive He acts like he is just off the boat.
just so close to perfect She always makes sure that her hair is just so before she goes out.
just the same nevertheless I told her not to come early but just the same she came early anyway.
just what the doctor ordered exactly what was needed The extra day off from work was just what the doctor ordered.
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