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Idiom Definition Usage
had better should You had better go now or you will be late for class.
hair stand on end She became frightened Her hair would stand on end every time she watched a horror movie.
hale and hearty well and strong My uncle is a hale and hearty fellow who never gets sick.
half-baked foolish She did not really like his half-baked idea.
half the battle difficult Getting them to come to the meeting will be half the battle.
hammer out agree to The union and managers were able to hammer out a new plan.
hand down arrange to give after death She plans to hand down her jewelry to her daughter.
hand in submit I went to the company early to hand in my job application.
hand it to give credit to You have to hand it to her because she worked hard and was successful.
hang a left Make a left turn Hang a left at the next corner
hang a right Make a right turn Hang a right at the next corner
hang in there continue despite difficulties She plans to hang in there even though she is taking eight classes this semester.
hang loose relax Just hang loose for another few days.
hang out come to Do you always hang out at this park?
hang tough stick with We need to hang tough on our decision.
hang up quit I have decided to hang up my teaching job.
hard sell pressure The used car salesman used a hard sell to get us to purchase this car.
have a buzz on was slightly intoxicated I had a buzz on after the third martini.
have good vibes feel good about I have good vibes about our new secretary.
have it all together feel mentally all there Recently I don’t have it all together.
heads will roll people will be punished Some heads will roll when the boss looks at the costs this month.
hole up hide I had to hole up for three days because my boyfriend was looking for me.
home free a definite success The new promotion plan is home free.
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