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Idiom Definition Usage
each and every absolutely every I want each and every one of you to bring your textbooks tomorrow.
eager beaver person willing to do extra work At work, he is an eager beaver.
ear to the ground paid attention to everything He kept his ear to the ground and knew about the changes before everyone else.
ease off reduce The president was asked to ease off some of the new company rules.
easy come, easy go unimportant For him, losing his job was easy come, easy go.
easy does it Slowly Easy does it is the best way to learn to drive a car.
easy-going relaxed She has a very easy-going management style.
easy grader lenient when grading My friends said she’s an easy grader.
easy mark likely victims The elderly are an easy mark because they usually carry cash.
eat away at bother The problem really began to eat away at him.
eat away at destroy The mildew began to eat away at the window frame.
eat crow admit to the mistake He was forced to eat crow.
eat dirt accept insults He made the senior manager eat dirt because of the way he was mistreated.
eat humble pie admit to the mistake and apologize He was forced to eat humble pie.
eat like a bird very little I know that you usually eat like a bird.
eat like a horse a lot I know that you usually eat like a horse.
eat like a pig a lot I know that you usually eat like a pig.
eat one’s words admit he was wrong He was forced to eat his words after his boss found the mistake.
eat out eat in a restaurant She like to eat out three or four times a week.
eating someone bothering I do not know what is eating her today.
egg someone on push him She likes to egg him on to fight more when they have an argument.
eke out just barely make He was able to eke out a living with the restaurant.
elbow grease effort and strength You need to use a lot of elbow grease to get the kitchen cleaned.
elbow room space They moved to the country in order to have a little more elbow room.
end in itself the main purpose or goal For some people traveling is an end in itself and the destination is not important.
end of one’s rope last of his ideas He is at the end of his rope regarding what to do about his job.
end up finally be I knew that she would end up at the dessert counter.
even so nevertheless He always works hard but even so he has no money saved.
every dog has his day everyone will have a chance or turn You should know that every dog has his day.
every other on each alternate She has to work every other Saturday evening.
every so often occasionally You should send email every so often.
every Tom, Dick and Harry the average person He is not the same as every Tom, Dick and Harry.
eyes are bigger than one’s stomach desire for the food is greater than what she can actually eat Every time she orders food, her eyes are bigger than her stomach.
eyes in the back of one’s head the ability to know what is happening behind her She has eyes in the back of her head.
eyes pop out surprise Watch her eyes pop out when she sees all this money.
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