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Idiom Definition Usage
dancing to a different tune acting differently Now that she has money, she seems to be dancing to a different tune.
dark horse unknown This election proves that even a dark horse candidate can win.
dash off leave quickly I need to dash off to the store to get a few things.
dawn on become clear to It began to dawn on her as to why he was angry.
day and night continually We worked day and night to finish the project.
day in and day out regularly He goes to that restaurant day in and day out.
dead ahead directly in front There was a truck dead ahead of our car.
dead as a doornail definitely dead The bug was dead as a doornail after hitting the car.
dead center exactly in the middle She was able to hit the target dead center.
dead duck person in a hopeless situation He is a dead duck.
dead end an impasse The negotiations have come to a dead end.
dead set against completely opposed to She is dead set against getting a new car.
dead tired exhausted She was dead tired when she got home from work.
dead to the world completely asleep She was dead to the world for the entire car ride.
deal with be involved with I really didn’t wanna deal with it.
decked out dressed in fancy clothes She was decked out for the party.
deep-six dispose of They decided to deep-six the office printer.
deep water trouble She will be in deep water unless she has a better explanation.
deliver the goods succeed in doing what is expected He knows how to deliver the goods.
die down grow weaker The noise from the crowd began to die down.
die off die one after another The flowers began to die off because of the cold air.
die out disappear slowly The dinosaurs began to die out millions of years ago.
dig in begin eating Everyone dig in while the food is hot.
dime a dozen common These books are a dime a dozen.
dirty look look that shows dislike or disapproval The girl gave him a dirty look.
dish out serve She began to dish out the food as soon as the guests arrived.
dish out give He likes to dish out criticism to others.
do a snow job on deceive Don’t try to do a snow job on me.
down with okay with Hey, I’m down with taking an easy class.
double check close to the due date They had to double check the balance sheet again.
down to the wire recheck The project is down to the wire.
drop the ball fail to do something The manager will probably drop the ball this month too.


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